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Negotiation Fundamentals

Negotiation Fundamentals is an online course offered by the ESSEC Business School based in Brussels, Belgium; Paris, France; and Singapore. The course provides an introduction to the art of negotiation to help students build the skills needed to create win-win outcomes in all types of settings when disagreements arise. A beginner’s level class, the course is ideal for people of all experience levels and backgrounds. The class is especially ideal for managers, lawyers, public officials and students.

Taught through videos and supplemental readings, Negotiation Fundamentals is a four-week class. The third week will require a 3 to 4-hour time commitment to complete a detailed peer assessment activity. During the remaining weeks, students are likely to only need 1 hour of study time to master the course material. Final grades for the course are determined by the grade of the peer assessment and successful completion of the video series.

During the first week of Negotiation Fundamentals, students learn an effective strategy for negotiating on any topic called People, Problem, Process. The first module also introduces the keys to effective negotiating and why they are important. In the second week, the course focuses on how to prepare for negotiations to ensure the best outcome. The third week deals with how to create value propositions to win others over during negotiations and how to properly state those values for best results. Week 4, Negotiating Process, outlines the basic steps that students should take to proceed smoothly through a negotiation.

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