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7 affordable online courses providing conflict resolution training

Complete Guide to Conflict Management in the Workplace ($9)

Learn conflict resolution skills by applying effective communication, listening and problem solving techniques in this 2 hour on-demand video. With 23 supplemental resources that are accessible on mobile and TV, candidates will learn how to stop feeling anxious about conflict within the work environment. Using proven strategies, you will learn powerful communication skills that prevent and manage conflict and help to create a psychologically safe work environment. Getting to the root cause of conflicts and knowing when to intervene, are some of the key discussion topics that will be addressed. You will also learn how to implement the 6 steps to conflict resolution. The course is aimed at managers, business executives and employees.


Managing Conflict with Skill and Confidence ($9)

Understanding conflict and resolving disagreements with confidence is one of the key focuses of this course. The program features a 1 hour on-demand video and 4 supplemental resources. It gives candidates a better understanding of conflict and how to handle it, patterns of conflict and how it escalates, how to stop a disagreement escalating into a dispute, when to intervene and how to avoid confrontation and deadlock. Another hot topic covered deals with confrontation to constructive conversations.


Conflict Management and Crucial Communications ($9)

This course provides 7 easy steps to make you feel comfortable and prepared for difficult conversations. The 1 hour on-demand video and supplemental resource will give you a clear structure on how to deliver a difficult conversation. It will also help you develop sound listening skills and provides training on how to ask critical questions and, most importantly, how to finish the conversation. Three bonus videos touch on hot topics that may arise in various relationships. The course is instructed in English.


Conflict Management: Find Resolution, Balance and New Insight ($9)

Get rid of old perceptions and gain insight into conflict management for relationships with this 41 min on-demand video course. The program features 10 articles and 15 supplemental resources that offer the student a deeper understanding of what generates conflict, how to build well-balanced relationships and adjusting communication in order to resolve any type of conflicts. The program teaches you how to create mental maps that will uncover how you (and others) perceive the world around you, how you (and others) formulate perceptions and gives you practical exercise for gaining more insight in a given situation through changing perspectives.


Conflict Management in the Workplace ($9)

Learn how to effectively resolve conflict at work with this 1.5 hour on-demand video. The course also contains 1 article and 7 supplemental resources that help you to list the main reasons for conflict, compare the positive and negative consequences of conflict, help you to express yourself effectively in situations of conflict and learn how to confidently resolve conflict with colleagues or customers. The curriculum includes 26 lectures comprising of 5 sections that cover topics such as: the foundation to understanding conflict, the types of conflict and their consequences and resolving conflict.


Culture: How to Manage Team Conflict ($9)

Understand how to harness healthy conflict in teams and how to manage conflict riddled conversations in this 25 minute on demand video course, complete with 4 supplemental resources. The program will help you understand how perceptions create conflict, help you determine factors that create unhealthy team conflict, show you ways to harness healthy conflict in teams, communicate effectively and assist in balancing speaking and listening in conversations. It also delves deeper into dealing with conflict, taking a look at the difference between advocacy and inquiry, through a series of tests, to help you better understands how you might perceive or be perceived in a work environment. It also touches on the workplace “tug-of-war”, by listing the top ten things you can do to avoid workplace conflict.


Conflict Management Using Key NLP Skills ($9)

Learn how to have the inner resources and skills to manage conflict in difficult situations. Covering Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, the 2 hour on-demand video course will enable you to bring calm to conflict driven situations, protect yourself from negative emotions and behaviors and learn how to recognize the conflict trigger points. The 2 hour long video covers 14 areas that will challenge you to be clear on what you want from a conflict fuelled situation and how to obtain the best results. It will also give you tips on how to break “bad news” and how to take a step back from emotion when giving empowering advice. You will also have access to 4 supplemental resources.



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