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10 Crowdfunding Platforms for NGOs

  1. GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is one of the largest crowdfunding communities connecting NGOs, donors and companies in nearly every country in the world. This crowdfunding platform helps organizations access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and help their communities. This is a secure and trusted platform to raise money. Since 2002, GlobalGiving helped raise more than $396 million from 916.289 donors for 23.300 projects in 170 countries.

When applying for donations with first project, NGOs have to raise $5.000 from at least 40 different donors. Once that is achieved, the project will get an opportunity to earn an ongoing spot on the GlobalGiving platform. Organizations that manage to raise the most funds from the most donors will also receive some additional awards up to $3.000 in cash. Once the project earns an ongoing spot it is exposed to a community of online donors that are interested in advancing causes and communities around the world. The projects receive their own personalized page, communication tools and an opportunity to communicate to donors directly through GlobalGiving platform.

  1. Causes

Causes was founded in 2007 in San Francisco, USA, as a tech company that provides a platform and tools to make a world a better place. It is a both crowdfunding platform and social network for NGOs that seek to improve their communities. It has a user-base of approximately 186 million from 156 countries in the world.

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As a crowdfunding platform, Causes promotes fundraising campaigns. Organizations are given tools to create a page that contains information and relevant features for fundraising, as well as all details about the campaign that donors should know. Organizations are welcome to post links, images and videos related to the cause they are fundraising for. The platform can also be integrated within the major social media such as Twitter and Facebook so organizations can reach out to more donors. The platform can also be used through an app called Brigade where individuals and organizations can establish a network of people that support a certain cause.

  1. Chuffed

Chuffed is an online crowdfunding platform that was created exclusively for NGOs to raise funds for social causes. Chuffed does not charge campaigners anything to use its services and post a project on the platform. Donors are required to register and pay transaction fees. In case donors have a great experience they are welcome to also financially support the work of Chuffed.

On this platform NGOs have an opportunity to upload images and videos from YouTube and Vimeo. In addition, NGOs are allowed to run either shorter or longer campaigns, as well as set up individual fundraiser pages underneath the main campaign page. Chuffed also integrates with third party tools to promote campaigns such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Salesforce and MailChimp. Organizations can control what type of e-mails go out to donors and add their logo and colors to the message. Donors are given an option to donate to a certain campaign every month. Lastly, organizations will be provided with data on exactly how many people have visited their page and from which country.

  1. Fundly

Fundly is an online fundraising platform that offers space for NGOs through which they can provide the latest developments on their projects. On this platform, organizations can use video and picture materials to create an interactive slideshow to showcase their cause. Also, the platform offers space to keep the stories going by adding posts to project page to share with supporters and donors. This also can be done through free Fundly mobile app, which makes it easy to thank new donors, send e-mails and post updates. This provides people managing the project and fundraising to be able to communicate with donor properly no matter where they are.

The platform offers fundraising guides to help first time fundraisers. This includes designing of a great looking page, using of social media and customizing e-mail templates. Every campaign page features Facebook connected supporters because their involvement gets the project the most social impressions as well as the ability to securely process donations through WePay. There is no minimum amount to raise in order to keep the funds, which are usually processes from 24 to 48 hours.

  1. org

Rally.org is a simple crowdfunding platform which puts visual aids at the front, such as a call to donate, share the project and click on the donation trackers. NGOs can integrate their crowdfunding page with their own website using widgets. Setting up a campaign page is free; however, after the campaign begins there is a 5% platform fee and credit card fees per donation.

On Rally.org individuals, groups and NGOs can create inspiring page by simply uploading photos or videos with a fundraising story. Crowdfunding campaigns with large photos and videos have the greatest impact and make the most impression on donors. Donors can be invited to support a campaign by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Payment processing system on this platform is safe and secure, which makes it easy to collect donations by debit and credit cards.

  1. Start Some Good

The online crowdfunding platform Start Some Good employs a fundraising model that is called all for nothing. This means that donations will not be processed unless a campaign or a project hits a tipping point or in other words, fundraising target. The reason why this model is integrated within Start Some Good is to secure less risk for donors, reassuring that they won’t be charged unless a project earns a minimum to launch. In addition, fundraisers are allowed to set up a second fundraising target called stretch goal, which can be four times the tipping point. All funds raised above the tipping point, go directly to the fundraiser.

The platform works with leading payment process Stripe. Prior to receiving funds, organizations are required to set up a Stripe account and connect to their campaign on Start Some Good in order to be able to launch a campaign. The funds go directly from each donor’s bank account to a nominated Stripe account and are processed within five days. Start Some Good charges an industry platform of 5% and Stripe charges 2, 9%.

  1. CrowdRise

Since 2010, CrowdRise was a crowdfunding platform for both personal and NGO causes. However, it was acquired by GoFundMe in 2017 and since then it has become solely focused on crowdfunding for NGOs. To be able to fundraise through this platform, NGOs have to be registered in Canada.

Similarly to other crowdfunding platforms, organizations can set up a crowdfunding campaign for free and pay a transaction fee to receive donations to their account. Also, organizations can opt for a paid monthly subscription that eliminates or reduces the transaction fee and provides them with access to special fundraising features. CrowdRise charges 6% fee; however, donors are given an option to cover these fees themselves. According to CrowdRise, majority of donors do exactly that and organizations usually end up receiving 98% of funds donated.

  1. FundRazr

FundRazr is an award  winning online fundraising platform that has helped thousands of individuals and organizations raise money for causes they care about. So far, the platform has helped raise over $140 million in nearly ten years.

The platform works similarly to other crowdfunding platforms and charges a 5% platform fee and 2,9& payment processing fee. Using the platform is fairly easy. Organizations can create their campaigns for free and tell their stories in words, pictures and videos. This process is followed by FundRazr’s teams with help and advice every step of the way. Campaigns can be shared on multiple social media sites to engage supporters and grow funding. Lastly, donations can be accessed immediately through credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

  1. Classy

Classy in an online fundraising platform for organizations that helps raise money for a variety of causes. Since 2011, Classy facilitated funding for millions of donations from over 190 countries. Today, Classy is trusted by more than 4.000 organizations and helps fund causes from disease outbreaks, disasters, and social movements to human rights, environmental issues, child trafficking and animal rights.

The platform allows all year round campaigns, peer to peer fundraising and one-time events. The website also offers advice on how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. Everyone who is interested can download free guidelines or simply fill in an online form and ask for advice from Classy’s team members.

  1. Catapult

Catapults is a crowdfunding website that is specializes in fundraising for NGOs that are dedicated to promoting women’s rights. This is a partner-based platform that connects people and companies to excellent and effective partner NGOs to achieve real and concrete impact. The goal of the site is to “transform individual generosity into the power of shared, collective actions”.

NGOs can raise money on women education, strengthening of leadership, gender discrimination, LGBT, trafficking and gender violence. The platform team chooses projects on a yearly basis and posts them on the website. All donations that are collected go directly to projects for girls’ and women’s rights and development.