Free Resources for Learning to Write Grant Proposals

Ask anyone that works with a non-profit organisation what the fundamental means are that allow a non-profit to continue operating, and they’ll likely tell you: the securing of funding from private foundations, public charities, governmental bodies and other donors. So important is this task, in fact, that a non-profit will sometimes hire someone whose sole responsibility is writing grant proposals. And although setting out to write your first proposal can be daunting, the encouraging news is that anyone can learn …

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Online Volunteering Opportunities You Can Take Anywhere, Anytime

While volunteer work is traditionally done in person, more and more organisations are now welcoming virtual volunteers; they invite users with phones and computers to donate some of their time spent online to assist with a myriad of tasks. Online volunteer opportunities boast several advantages, including the flexibility of your volunteer hours and schedule, and the type of work you can do for an organisation. Rather than canvassing on the street for example, volunteers can generate social media content to …

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